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Bits'n'Bobs Bowls

These little bowls will be right at home on the hall table, dresser or desk, and they will look after keys, coins, jewelry, stamps, paper clips and any other bits'n'bobs.


Style #1 - Made from maple with a triangular design burnt into the rim. Outside diameter is a little less than six inches.

Bits'n'Bobs bowl #1
$37.00 CDN

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From a Satisfied Customer:

I have ordered bottle stoppers, and most recently a bits and bobs bowl from you, and they are beautiful! The stoppers bring a little bit of joy to everyday life. The bits and bobs bowl is just gorgeous, and is a very heavy and substantial piece, something which doesn't come across when you first see them on the website - these are truly gallery quality work. The customer service was excellent, and shipping was amazingly fast from Nova Scotia to Texas! I'll definitely be keeping any eye on your site to see what new goodies you offer there.
B.C, Leander, TX.


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